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About Me

For the past ten years, I have been a professionally trained science based entertainer. I have done educational science shows and hands-on workshops for thousands of budding mad scientists of all ages. I've even been broadcast via satellite to schools all around the United States for live interactive educational programming.

It cannot be denied, my true love and calling in life has always been education and mad Science recruiting,

When I'm not wowing kids with educational explosions, I enjoy science fiction, art, cosplay, photography, and I have a webcomic called Adorable Desolation.

My Webcomic

I have a Webcomic. It's called Adorable Desolation. Adorable Desolation is a story with magic Read Adorable Desolation


I attended a panel at Dragon*Con and discovered these little things called Artcards. Works of art in a small format.
I drew and traded my first Artcard at the Dragon*Con meetup.
I've only completed a few cards since then, and I wanted to show them off. Art done small.
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